Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beware of Facebook Scams

You know the drill. As soon as you log on to Facebook, a trillion application invites from your friends pop up. You're invited to become a Jedi master, a mob boss, grow an online garden, name a star or buy small countries. For many of us, the "block this application, and block any application every sent by this person, their children, or their children's children" is a great feature that we use regularly.

While internet scam aren't anything new, the onset of Facebook and other online communities has bred a whole new set of scams.

For those who may be more likely to open widgets, applications, or other downloads, MSN has an update on five scams that you may encounter, and should be aware of. You can read the story here.

Contributing: Chris Giovarelli & Beth Hansen
Photo: Steve Woods

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